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Status Updates posted by guaby18

  1. GSAP SVG Transform Origin bad behavior


    I'm trying to make this orbits rotates from the center (transfrom-origin: 50% 50%) but why it's still moving?


    Why its doesn't rotate in the middle. And if you keep clicking the other planets it get a mess (need to uncomment to see it ). What I need to do to keep things always centered and not move around when rotating. Thanks a lot guys.

    1. Carl




      Please post this as a new topic in our public support forums: https://greensock.com/forums/forum/11-gsap/

      These profile feeds are not for 1 on 1 support. 


      I'd suggest simplifying your demo to just a few tweens or lines of code that clearly illustrate the issue. We can't try to debug 200+ lines of code.





  2. @OSUblake hope you are ok. I'm new in the club and don't know if you can help with something that I really struggle with:


    I want to make planets move when you click them and don't know why the transfrom-origin is not center al the time. Please can you check this code?


    I need serious help and I ask every where and nobody answer anything. I have spend 16+ hours on this problem and still don't have an answer.