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  1. Wow, you have no idea how crazy this is. So on my PC that I usually dev on, it continually increases the memory until Flash crashes. But I just tested on my MAC and it works perfectly! I don't get it, but something is going on with my PC that is not doing the garbage collection properly. Thanks for all the help, I will send you a link to this thing when its done.
  2. Ok, here is a stripped down sample to check out (5.5mb so I couldn't attach): http://sandbox.filterstudios.com/temp/VidTest.zip It seems to happen whenever I try to play the current video. Then the memory gets increased. I can't quite get why either. Take a peek at it when you have a second. I am sure it is something simple. Thanks!
  3. I have v1.5 of LoaderMax. It is strange, it seems to happen when I try to cast the ContentDisplay var as a VideoLoader type. So when I do just this within my function, I see the memory issue: var vid_curr:ContentDisplay = ContentDisplay(mainBackground_mc.getChildByName( ("video_"+model.pages[_currPanel]) )); VideoLoader(vid_curr.loader).gotoVideoTime(0); I'm looking into a solution. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks for the quick reply as well, it got me to look at the problem in another way.
  4. Alright, so what I am doing is loading in 4 videos and placing them into a 'background' MovieClip. Then when transitioning between the 4 pages, I play a video transition. What I am seeing is that my memory slowly increases on each transition. I have found that it is caused by playing the current video during the transition, and eventually it crashes Flash CS4. Any thoughts on this? Loading code: _queue.append(new VideoLoader(xml.page[i].@backgroundVideo, { name:xml.page[i].@title, width:1400, height:900, alpha:0, visible:false, container:model.backgroundHolder, autoPlay:false } )); Transition code: var vid_curr:ContentDisplay = ContentDisplay(mainBackground_mc.getChildByName(model.pages[_currPanel])); var vid_prev:ContentDisplay = ContentDisplay(mainBackground_mc.getChildByName(model.pages[_prevPanel])); VideoLoader(vid_curr.loader).gotoVideoTime(0); mainBackground_mc.swapChildren(vid_curr, vid_prev); var loader:VideoLoader = VideoLoader(vid_curr.loader); TweenMax.to(vid_prev, 1, { autoAlpha:0 } ); TweenMax.to(vid_curr, 1.25, { autoAlpha:1, loader.playVideo } );
  5. http://www6.homedepot.com/generator Combo of timeline and TweenLite animation http://www.collapse-games.com Thanks for the great tweening engine!! -j --