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  1. Gotcha. Good to know. Another thing I seem to run into on a occasion is that I can't even get basic gotoAndPlay commands to respond. Still trying to figure out why that happens. Thanks Jack!
  2. For some reason my frame tweening won't respond for crap. Movieclips won't instance or respond. Has this happened before? What kind of real-time issue could this be? Normal masking won't work either.
  3. Yeah, it doens't really change much below .1 seconds if you want something to bounce really fast or jitter. It's just kind of springy. That's okay though. TweenLite is still the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  4. That's awesome! Is there a way to speed up the repeat? I have the animation repeating but there's a pause in between .
  5. I don't think the Bounce ease is really what I'm looking for. I need something to start on a _y plane go up 5 pixel then come back down. Like a bouncing ball that never succumbs to inertia. It just keeps bouncing for a given period of time. What's the best TweenLite approach for something like this?
  6. Jack, you're an animation saint. Thanks for getting back to the thread. Not sure about why I did things the way I did. I'll refer to your response and if I have questions, I'll retrn after I get onto this "bounce" ease you've created. Best, -soupking
  7. I've been trying to use Tweenmax's repeat functionality to bounce. So far it's okay, but not great. I'm doing this: TweenMax.to(boy_mc, .5, {_y:15}); TweenMax.to(boy_mc, .5, {_y:20, delay:.5}); Is there a better way to do this? I try to run it faster and it just starts wigging out.
  8. Hello, I'm having to build something where the mouse shakes which starts a tween and then when it stops so does the tween. Is there a stop tween method or something that would be useful for achieving this method?
  9. Ohhh okay, Cool. I see. I was attempting to activate the wrong color module, vector instead of bitmap and also wasn't properly referncing it. Cool beans, I'll have to use your updated version in following projects. Thanks Jack! -soup
  10. Kind of, pretty much just the code I mentioned above earlier: var myGroup:TweenGroup = TweenGroup.allTo(clipArray, 1, {alpha:1, colorMatrixFilter:{brightness:3, saturation:3}}); I'm trying to Brightness/Contrast an array of movie clips in a staggered fashion. Not just simply alpha them.
  11. Heh, yeah. I suppose. Would work better in the header so I won't have to find this thread. Thanks Jack, -soupking
  12. Hi Jack, Thanks for your understanding. I'm totally going to take advantage of your new blur and gravity engines on this current project I have for sure. Answer my question...Kind of. So my understanding is that TweenGroup can use ColorTransform classes. At the top of the page I have: import gs.*; import gs.easing.*; Is that not enough for the old school coding to work? -soup
  13. Hi GS, I know that TweenGroup is deprecated but I'm rebuilding a year-long project from AS2 to AS3 and can't afford to re--code anything with this one. I'm trying to extract XML thumbnails into a pattern using TweenGroup: var myGroup:TweenGroup = TweenGroup.allTo(clipArray, 1, {alpha:1, colorMatrixFilter:{brightness:3, saturation:3}}); I'd like to use the colorTransform class but it's not responding. Is there another way around this or is there something I'm mistyping? I'm kind of rusty with TweenMax. Thanks for any response. -m
  14. Hey Jack, Is there a reason why there's no button to return to TweenMax page from the forum, or am I just doing an excellent job of not finding things again? Peace, -maX
  15. Okay, am I retarded? I can't search or find Physics and Motion Blur Examples on the site. I'm interested in re-signing up for the new updates, but I can't see where they are demonstrated. All I can find is the older plugin matrix. What am I missing? Please advise. Thanks! -maX