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  1. EXACTLY! Sorry bout that. Should know about that one. Just been a good while. Thanks Jack!
  2. I'm trying to tweenlite an object without defaulting to using pre-defined FLA library objects. So naturally the first thing I run into is determining a centered registration point. I searched through the layout package of the TweenLite documetation and found: :: DynamicPinPoint :: PinPoint :: LiquidStage To center something on a stage what would be the most effect to apply? That is starting out using this package. Or is there a way to just apply AlignMode to reference the object in question to the stage? Trying to just find something basic. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  3. Awesome. Mos definitely. Thanks Jack!
  4. I'm still in the process of learning AS3 and I've started moving into drawing objects because loading a movieclip from a file with a patch of black is too much work to pass through two files. If I draw a black rectangle as a sprite or bitmapdata loading a shape, can I still use TweenLite the same way I tween a MovieClip, or is tweening code relatively specific to MovieClips only?
  5. Hi Jack, I'm still working on my portfolio site for the third time since late 2008. Needless to say, learning AS3 hasn't been easy. Anyway, I'm still using the gs folder and TweenGroup to animate an array of clips. I went to the demo page and couldn't really translate how to use the new model. Can you please tell me quickly how to convert this: var myGroup:TweenGroup = TweenGroup.allTo(mcArray, .25, {alpha:1, stagger:.1}); The new versions has a whole bunch of object definitions and parameters I don't really need or understand...yet.
  6. A friend I know who chats with me a great deal about AS3 introduced me to SourceBinder: http://www.sourcebinder.org It looks like something that GreenSock might find some interest in so I thought I'd post it here. Cheers, -soupking
  7. Cool, sounds great Jack. I'll definitely give it a go next time around. Right now my brains are swelling and I need to finish this size and pass out. The Best, -soup
  8. This was the code I used: TweenLite.to(copy2_mc.copy2c_mc, .2, {tint:0xffffff, delay: 1.3, overwrite:0}); TweenLite.to(copy2_mc.copy2c_mc, .4, {tint:null, delay: 1.45, ease:Sine.easeOut, overwrite:0}); Yeah, I guess it only adds another K, unfortunately, I'm squeezing a square box through a round hole with this one. Just too small. Heck, my AS3 classes weigh 11k. That's so much. I should've probably just tried to frame animate the thing (which I hate doing, but this is an exception). Between AS3, reunifying myself with TweenLite, and dealing with the creative restraints, I'm pretty much stuck without it. Thanks though. So TweenLite Plugin Object Class is used for all TweenLite stuff now right?
  9. I've got to make this file 30k, and the Pligun thing weighs too much. I tried to go in and delete plugins but it keep giving errors. No time. It's been a while for me, is there a script I can comment out to make the Plugin thing lighter?
  10. Is there no way to reduce tint with only using TweenLite? I can't seem to find a reduction value. All I see is null which just turns it off.
  11. One thing I've found that works as a great alternative to trying to turn things on and off is to make them invisible. That seems to save a good deal of time.
  12. Very true, and yes this is not a rant at TweenLite. TweenLite is the best thing that happened to Flash since sliced bread...Wait, that doesn't make any sense. You know what I mean. It's not so much the understanding the compiler errors, or the package class structures which I've pretty much bombed AS.org with questions. It's just the whole like idiodacy of commenting out basic functions and objects. There should be some sort publish setting to allow commenting out to actually work. I'm cool with putting everything in one timeline etc. It's just the whole like, "Oops I forgot something". Now I'm dealing with a house of cards and it's just...stupid to me that this is necessary. I think all the datatyping, and class definitions are just fine. It's just I wish I had a better approach to scripting in AS3 so I didn't run into this so much. I'm guessing for the most part it's a ranting rhetorical question, but I felt like I just needed to say something. As I still thin there's definite room for improvement. I'm working on a banner campaign that would work much better in a frame-based setup. But I'm trying to learn AS3, and AS3 and timelines sound like a real-time jungle gym to me. So...Anyway, thanks for reading my rant.
  13. Honestly, I have banner deadlines and thanks to AS3, I'm have to run all around back and forth back and forth comment, uncomment, comment, uncomment, I'm even having to unethically delete objects temporarily from my files so the stupid compiler doesn't find them. What happened to the good old days of comment out function...DONE. Is there a way to use AS3 that's not a complete...[fill in the blank]? I'm new to all this so maybe there's something I'm missing about how this is supposed to be an improvement on a base level. My current process is terrible. Making me really wish AS3 never happened. I'm only coding this way to stay viable. My deadlines are now sweaty nightmares of coding marco polo.
  14. That's it!!! I commented out all the TweenLite commands with onComplete and the error disappeared. Thanks again Jack!!!
  15. Awesome, thanks a bunch Jack. That would've taken me all day (if not more time to find). I'll look in that direction. The Best, -soupking
  16. Hi Jack & Co., I wouldn't post here except I'm totally boggled and it seems to refer to TweenLite. This is my error: ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch on MethodInfo-102(). Expected 2, got 0. at Function/http://adobe.com/AS3/2006/builtin::apply() at gs::TweenLite/complete() at gs::TweenLite/render() at gs::TweenLite$/updateAll() It won't tell me what line the error is on so I have very little to work with in terms of tracing it. Additionally, since this is the posting additional code would be somewhat arbitrary as the error looks to be pretty static. All I know is I'm not supplying two parameters for something....somewhere. It occurs right after the preloader finishes it's so on top of not having a line # to refer to a gang of events are happening. If this is a common occurance with TweenLite and the way it can be improperly implemented, I'd love to know what could be the issue to a ballpark degree. Thanks!
  17. Sure thing, I didn't understand that the offset and multiplier were the ra & rb etc. My bad, now I understand how to use the plugin accordingly. Thanks Jack! -soup
  18. One thing though, why is 'myColorTransform' in the movieclip portion of the TweenLite coding? That's new to me or doesn't make sense: TweenLite.to(myColorTransform, 1, {ra:"255", ga:"255", ba:"0", aa:"28", onUpdate:applyTransform}); function applyTransform():Void { myColor.setTransform(myColorTransform); } and doesn't this need a color object of some kind? I'm also using as2, I don't know if that matters.
  19. Hi Jack, Your 4th example looks most like what I'm looking for. I need something to fully invert the tint/color of a photo, not just color it red. I think I figured it out though. Just use TweenLite to trigger a color function Thanks Jack! Peace, -soup
  20. Is there a way to change color by RGB in Tweenlite? All I can find affects a specific hex, like #FF9900. I want to change the tint in Flash like: onClipEvent(load){ myColor = new Color(_root.CubeBase.CubeTop); myColorTransform = new Object(); //percentage for the red component (-100 to 100) myColorTransform.ra = 255; //offset for the red component (-255 to 255) myColorTransform.rb = 0; //percentage for the green component (-100 to 100) myColorTransform.ga = 255; //offset for the green component (-255 to 255) myColorTransform.gb = 0; //percentage for the blue component (-100 to 100) myColorTransform.ba = 0; //offset for the blue component (-255 to 255) myColorTransform.bb = 0; //percentage for alpha (-100 to 100) myColorTransform.aa = 28; //offset for alpha (-255 to 255) myColorTransform.ab = 0; myColor.setTransform(myColorTransform); } Is there functionality in TweenLite that can affect each color and gamma in a tween?
  21. Okay, yeah that makes sense. I was looking at the elastic example and transferring code to the other tween state. Guess it's not that easy. Oh well, good to know. Thanks again!
  22. That would be it. I'm just trying to get my mc to equal a set height, not by scaling percentage. Thanks Jack!
  23. I'm trying to make a Bounce.easeOut less bouncy. I've changed the easing parameters per the Adobe white page, but TweenLite's not responding: TweenLite.to(mc, 1.5, {_xscale:100, _yscale:100, ease:Bounce.easeOut, easeParams:[ .01, .01, .01, .01], overwrite:0}); I have this thing set to a minimum and nothing changes. I've tried a variety of variables amounts and nothing goes. ?
  24. I'm sure this is probably something really simple that I'm missing, but this is what I have: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenLite.to(border_mc, 1, {setSize:{width:200, height:200}}); Now this is what the AS2 engine printed out. I've tried putting the '_' in front of properties and it doesn't make a difference. I also went into the TweenLite.as file and uncommented SetSize. Still nothing. The com folder is in the relative folder as the file. What am I missing?