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  1. hi, i found out the problem !!!!!! after a long brain washing i tried to remove css and xml files from assets list and it works normally ! thanks for helping ! ciao !!
  2. thanks for all, i join the fla file if you have a minute to look. thanks aso for tween engine and xml parser wich are very helpfull to me !!
  3. i did not set trackProgress_boolean to false and when i do it is still the same. i removed the variable so code is now var preloader_obj = new PreloadAssetManager(["portfolio.swf","datas/css/forcast.css","datas/portfolio.xml","datas/fly.flv","datas/flyout.flv","datas/fr/xml/forcast.xml","datas/fr/flv/accueil.flv","datas/fr/flv/broadcast.flv","datas/fr/flv/contact.flv","datas/fr/flv/events.flv","datas/fr/flv/moyens.flv","datas/fr/flv/plasma.flv","datas/fr/flv/portfolio.flv","datas/fr/flv/solutions.flv","datas/fr/img/broadcast.jpg","datas/fr/img/contact.jpg","datas/fr/img/events.jpg","datas/fr/img/moyens.jpg","datas/fr/img/plasma.jpg","datas/fr/img/solutions.jpg","datas/fr/img/portfolio.jpg"], onFinish); all url's are ok even if i choose only one file to preload i still have a "waiting time" before loading. moreover, preloading appears also when i publish the swf within select a bandwich test (ctrl+enter x2)
  4. i tried by uploading your exemple file with my files and i looks like the same ! do you know if i can remove some part of code for making it faster ? is there some kind of timeout or delayed function ? i do not need to get informations of size of the files preloaded... http://salesudvideo.free.fr/4cast/Preload_Sample.swf
  5. Hi ! i'm using you're old as2 class "preload assets manager" for a website but i got a problem when preloading. i have to wait for a few seconds before preload (no bandwich used during this time). is there a delay function or anything ?? preview of the site : http://salesudvideo.free.fr/4cast here is the AS code import gs.dataTransfer.PreloadAssetManager; var repertoire = "datas/"+_root.langue+"/"; //var preloader_obj = new PreloadAssetManager(["datas/css/forcast.css"], onFinish); var preloader_obj = new PreloadAssetManager(["portfolio.swf","datas/css/forcast.css","datas/portfolio.xml","datas/fly.flv","datas/flyout.flv",repertoire+"xml/forcast.xml",repertoire+"flv/acceuil.flv",repertoire+"flv/broadcast.flv",repertoire+"flv/contact.flv",repertoire+"flv/events.flv",repertoire+"flv/moyens.flv",repertoire+"flv/plasma.flv",repertoire+"flv/portfolio.flv",repertoire+"flv/solutions.flv",repertoire+"img/broadcast.jpg",repertoire+"img/contact.jpg",repertoire+"img/events.jpg",repertoire+"img/moyens.jpg",repertoire+"img/plasma.jpg",repertoire+"img/solutions.jpg",repertoire+"img/portfolio.jpg"], onFinish); this.onEnterFrame = function() { preload.pourc.text = Math.round(preloader_obj.percentLoaded_num) ; } function onFinish(pl_obj:PreloadAssetManager):Void { //Gets called when all the assets are preloaded. root.onEnterFrame = null; trace("ok"); getcss(); TweenMax.to(preload, .3, {_alpha:0,onComplete:function(){preload._visible=false}}); } thanks for helping !! alex