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  1. Thanks a lot... @Sahil and @Acccent
  2. What if i want to play currentAnimation simultaneously while other reversing... Please help...
  3. Thanks a lot(infinite) @Carl
  4. Need Help, I want to achieve navigation similar to https://en.instagram-brand.com/ , i've 90% achieved it which you can find in my pen. I want your help when i click on menu item i want indicator to hold on it... One bug, Indicator doesn't point correctly sometime... Thank a lot.... -Vishal
  5. Hey guys, var panWidth = $(".panContain").width(); var panImg = $(".panContain").find(".panImg"); var start = 50; var width = panImg.width() - panWidth; var tl = new TimelineMax({ onComplete: function onComplete() { start = 0; tl.reverse(); }, onReverseComplete: function onReverseComplete() { start = 0; tl.restart(); } }); tl.fromTo(panImg, 20, { "transform": "translate("+ -start +"px,0)", }, { "transform": "translate(-" + width + "px,0)", ease: Linear.easeNone }); Please Help, Here i want to set from value to "transform": "translate("+ -start +"px,0)" only when start. onComplete i want to tl.reverse() to "transform": "translate(0,0)" not 50 then again restart it from "transform": "translate(0,0)" not 50. Above my code does not reset start to 0 onComplete.