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  1. Hi! Is it possible to animate a pendulum slowing down like effect with greensock's yoyo and repeat function where each repeat cycle rotates the pendulum less and less. Staggering has the cycle function for this.
  2. Is the name of this movie clip that that things are wrapped in known. Can it be targeted by code?
  3. Solution found on Adobe Forum: Disable Advanced layers by Modify/Document/Use advanced layers.
  4. Hi! I use Animate cc in conjunction with greensock to develope banners and animation. In Animate cc 19.1 there looks to be a bug or change in code that affects how nested animations work in symbols. Used to be able to do this: tl.to([this.sym1.sym2],1,{x:"-=500"},"+=0"); Moves sym2 inside sym1 500 pixels. Making a new animation in "19.1" this no longer works. However opening a file in "19.1" made in version "18.whatever" this still works. If possible please confirm behaviour. Or perhaps there is a better way of targeting nested symbols.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion Jack. I remember similar issues and it might be a case of "ghost of Flash past" However it's out of my scope of Javascript knowledge . I'll look in to it though.
  6. Hi! How would one go about targeting a mask for animation that is nested inside a movieclip. .from(this.movieclip.mask, 1, {x:"+=100"},"+=1") does not work for me. Thank You Salakala