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  1. Thanks for the very quick and useful responsive! Hovering works perfectly on all elements now: // Rollover Tweens portfolio $(".portfolio-vak").each(function(i, el) { var portfolioTween = new TimelineMax({paused: true}); portfolioVak = $(".portfolio-vak"); portfolioVak = $(".portfolio-vak"); var t = portfolioTween .to($(el).find('#portfolio-titel'), 0.3, {y: "-=20px", delay: 0.1}) .to($(el).find('#portfolio-bekijk'), 0.3, {y: "-=43px", delay: 0.1}, '-=0.3'); el.animation = t; $(el).on("mouseenter",function(){ this.animation.play(); }).on("mouseleave",function(){ this.animation.reverse(); }); });
  2. Hi, I created a simple roll-over effect for multiple elements on a webpage: portfolioVak1 = $("#portfolio-vak1"); // Rollover Tweens portfolio portfolioTween.to('#portfolio-titel1', 0.3, {y: "-=20px", delay: 0.1}).to('#portfolio-bekijk1', 0.3, {y: "-=43px", delay: 0.1}, '-=0.3'); portfolioVak1.mouseenter(function(){ portfolioTween.play(); }); portfolioVak1.mouseleave(function(){ portfolioTween.reverse(); }); This works perfectly! But now I want this exact same effect to happen on 30 elements on the same page. Off course, the most clean way to do this would be to create a loop, but unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to make a loop happen in this situation. So the code needs to work on 'portfolioVak2', 'portfolioVak3' ...... 'portfolioVak30'. The tweened elements will also change: '#portfolio-titel2', '#portfolio-titel3' etc. and '#portfolio-bekijk2', '#portfolio-bekijk3' etc. Thanks for your help, Roelof