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  1. This is what it looked like with the fix. Thanks again. http://www.scottanthony.biz/Rings2.html
  2. Hi, I'm messing around with timeline and not sure if my logic is right, since I'm not a coder, but.... This is what I'm trying to do: Create a point on a map that when you rollover it, a label appears that will tell you the name of the location. rollout and it dissapears. My thinking was that if I created 2 timelines, 1 can tween the point and the other could tween the label to appear, but I can't get the label tween to start up. Here is the example: http://www.scottanthony.biz/Rings.html Here is the code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import flash.events.MouseEvent; test.buttonMode = true; var timeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}); var timeline2:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); timeline.insertMultiple([new TweenMax(this.test.ring2, 2, {scaleX:5, scaleY:5, alpha:0, ease:Circ.easeOut}), new TweenMax(this.test.ring3, 2, {scaleX:5, scaleY:5, alpha:0, ease:Circ.easeOut})], 0.5, TweenAlign.START, 0.75); test.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, roomshow); test.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, roomhide); function roomshow (event:MouseEvent):void { timeline2.append(TweenMax.to(willow, 1, {alpha:"1"})); } function roomhide (event:MouseEvent):void { timeline2.append(TweenMax.to(willow, 1, {alpha:"0"})); }
  3. Thanks for the reply! I fixed all and I'm getting a Unexpected "]" encountered error every place that I have the staggering going on.
  4. Can someone help me out? I was teaching myself how to use to use Timeline Lite by using it in a banner project. I am not an actionscript guy, so I used many of AS3 code hints and tutorials that were provided. Come to find out AS3 is not accepted. Can someone help me to make this AS2 friendly? import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; var timeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onMouseClick); function onMouseClick(e:MouseEvent):void { var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.netscout.com/Pages/default.aspx"); navigateToURL(request, "_blank"); } timeline.addLabel("begin", 1.5); replay.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, overHandler); function overHandler (event:MouseEvent):void { timeline.gotoAndPlay("begin"); } timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(logo, 1, {scaleX:100, scaleY:100, x:"-250"}), new TweenLite(box4, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(box5, .1, {alpha:0}), /*new TweenLite(logo, .75, {x:"800", scaleX:100, scaleY:100}),*/ new TweenLite(box1, 1, {alpha:1, scaleX:15, scaleY:15}), new TweenLite(box2, 1, {alpha:1, scaleX:15, scaleY:15}), new TweenLite(box3, 1, {alpha:1, scaleX:15, scaleY:15}), new TweenLite(USDM, .5, {alpha:1, scaleX:.75, scaleY:.75}), ], 2, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(sq1, .25, {y:45.50}), new TweenLite(sq1, .75, {scaleX:60}), new TweenLite(optimize, .25, {x:"270"}), new TweenLite(sde, .25, {x:"-465.85"}), ], 1, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(optimize, 1, {rotation:-90, scaleX:55, scaleY:55, y:282, x:-500}), new TweenLite(sq2, .5, {scaleX:110}), new TweenLite(protect, .25, {x:260}), new TweenLite(protect2, .25, {y:50}), new TweenLite(USDM, .1, {alpha:0}), ], 2, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(optimize, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(sq1, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(optimize, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(sde, .1, {alpha:0}), ], .1, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(simplify, .25, {y:"90"}), new TweenLite(simplify2, .1, {x:"345"}), new TweenLite(operations, .1, {x:"-385"}), ], 2, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(optimize, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(sq2, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(protect, .1, {alpha:0}), new TweenLite(protect2, .1, {alpha:0}), ], .1, TweenAlign.START, 0); /*timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(simplify2, .5, {scaleX:30, scaleY:30}), new TweenLite(operations, .5, {scaleX:100, scaleY:100}), ], 2, TweenAlign.START, 0.2);*/ timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(simplify2, .5, {scaleX:200, scaleY:200}), new TweenLite(operations, .25, {scaleX:450, scaleY:450, x:"-225"}), new TweenLite(simplify2, .1, {alpha:0}), ], 1.5, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); timeline.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(banner, .5, {y:"-92"}), new TweenLite(text, .25, {x:"320"}), new TweenLite(button, .5, {y:"-40"}), new TweenLite(pic, .5, {alpha:1}), new TweenLite(ntsct, .5, {alpha:1}), new TweenLite(replay, .5, {alpha:1}), ], .1, TweenAlign.START, 0.2); Thanks in advance for your help! PS this is an awesome tweening tool
  5. I know there are issues on a mac. I really want to try this out. I'm recreating the very first tween that is in the timelineMax video. import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; TweenLite.to(box1, 1, {y:"_100"}); TweenLite.to(box2, 1, {y:"_100"}); TweenLite.to(box3, 1, {y:"_100"}); I have the MC with the correct instance names I have the greensock-3 folder within a folder I created that contains my FLA file. At first I got a bunch of errors, but I went into the Flash actionscript3 settings/source path and chose the greensock-3 folder. After I did that I didn't get any errors. My box instances actually move to the y coordinate stated but there is no tweening happening. I've tried moving the folder with my files off the desktop with no success. Any suggestions?