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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for help me. I put an URL - Code pen in my post above =D
  2. I have a problem with plugin scrollTo (tweenMax), When I click on the menu link and the website slide to the section ID that I chose on menu. But the website doesn't stop on begin of the section, and I need to show the h2 (Title). My Code $(function scrollTop(){ var wrapper = $("#wrapper"), $menu = $("#menu"); $menu.on("click","li", function(){ var $this = $(this), href = $(this).find("a").attr("href"), topY = $(href).offset().top, extraOffset = $menu.hasClass('fixar') ? 75 : 0; TweenLite.to(window, 2, { scrollTo: { y: topY - extraOffset, x: 0}, ease: Cubic.easeIn }); return false; }); }); Mobile doesn't working too ... =/ http://codepen.io/erickcouto/pen/XpLwLq