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  1. You can call TweenMax.pauseAll() but it's not supported by TweenLite it seems. At least not in version 10.09. So if you can use TweenMax instead of TweenLight then it should do the trick Cheers, Martin
  2. interesting use of declaring a function inside a tween like that didnt know you could do such a thing.. i have always used it like that (for examle onComplete in TweenMax) var myT:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); myT.insert(new TweenLite(mcBall,1,{scaleX:1,scaleY:1,onStart:myfunction}),0); // and then write this function out separately function myfunction(){ mcBall.scaleX = 10;mcBall.scaleY = 10 } not sure if it works or not in your case because I haven't used Timeline classes before Cheers, Martin
  3. Hi guys! I've come up with an interesting question today. I have some sequenced tweens here: http://www.arcticum.eu/uus (the 360 turning) Currently they are timed with delays and onCompletes. I was wondering if, in order to make the whole thing smoother, it is possible to: 1) use Linear.easeNone for the current tweens 2) then group these tweens into a TimelineMax and then 3) play and use Regular.easeOut on this whole Timeline? How is it doable? Cheers, Martin PS - still using TweenMax v10 at the moment