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  1. I figured out the reverse thing but glad to know I did it right. For some reason the images are being responsive now. (Not sure what changed honestly) However I can't figure out how to get the image to start outside the container: http://ovo.li/TcqI0O which I suspect is affecting why it won't stay centered when resizing the viewport - http://ovo.li/IXls8C
  2. Can I use this to trigger an animation from something like the animate.css stylesheet or do I need to use a jquery animation of some sorts? (also is Modernizr necessary? I didn't see that listed anywhere.) That stuff aside it's working kind of. The image starts halfway visible and reverses itself when I scroll back up but I am sure I can figure that stuff out. The animation also negates the images being responsive too which kinda sucks. However, this gets me on the right track. Thanks.
  3. Ok so I am in the weeds on this. I'm not especially adept at javascript as is and this has pushed my limits. Also my normal web guy I ask questions to has gone MIA so I turn to those who know what they are doing. I want to animate an image/div to slide onto my page upon scrolling down. Normally that wouldn't be an issue and I would just use animate.css BUT the content is in a scrolling div in the middle of the page which means NONE of the scrolling scripts out there will work (save for scroll magic apparently). The problem is I can't make heads or tails of the available documentation between the two. If you look at this page, you can see by the first arrow image what I hope to accomplish. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to figure this issue out off and on for 3 months.