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  1. Hello, i'm trying to make splittext animation on scroll using scrollmagic, the animation works but every animations are playing when windows is load, and i want my animations works when the parent section of my "content__text" div is in the viewport Anyone can help me to fix it ? http://codepen.io/AdverisTeam/pen/aJebRJ
  2. Hello i'm trying to reverse the animation of my splittext onclick event, but the reverse doesn't work, any idea? http://codepen.io/AdverisTeam/pen/WpKLPR $(window).on('load', splitMenu); function splitMenu() { var st = new SplitText('.menu_line', {paused: true, type: 'words'}); TweenMax.staggerFrom(st.words, 1, { y: 80, opacity: 0, delay: 0.4, ease:Power4.easeOut}, 0.04); $("menu_link").onclick = function() { st.reverse(); }; }