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  1. For others who might get the same problem I did. I have installed GSAP through npm. I then added the customEase lib "../.../vendor/customEase.min.js" My customEase was then not able to find the TweenLite lib which it needs to work. In the customEase lib TweenLite is referred: require("./TweenLite.js") So I just changed it to require("gsap") I also import the customeEase.min.js in my index.ts file. In my greensock.d.ts i declared: interface CustomEase { create(id:string, data:string):CustomEase; get(id:string):CustomEase; getRatio(progress:number):CustomEase; } declare var CustomEase:CustomEase;
  2. I'm working on a project where we use TS and would like to add the CustomEase lib. We have added the GSAP through NPM and since CustomEase isn't part of it for some reason I have hard time to find a way to get it working. The error i recive is: !!! ERROR: browserify: Cannot find module '../TweenLite.js' from '/Users/myuser/Projects/myproject/src/ts'