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  1. Tomeo

    Html5 Canvas

    Yes, this is it. Grant Skinner's EaselJS looks very nice also. Will definitely take a closer look. Thank you both guys.
  2. Tomeo

    Html5 Canvas

    Hi, i am trying to make tweens work within canvas, but no luck. Well its actualy my first time i am trying to do something with canvas, so there must be something i did wrong? Gratz on the new release, it looks great! function animate(myRectangle){ var canvas = document.getElementById("myCanvas"); var context = canvas.getContext("2d"); context.beginPath(); context.rect(myRectangle.x, myRectangle.y, myRectangle.width, myRectangle.height); context.fillStyle = "#8ED6FF"; context.fill(); TweenLite.to(myRectangle, 1.5, {x:100, y:200}); } window.onload = function(){ var myRectangle = { x: 0, y: 50, width: 100, height: 100 }; var date = new Date(); var time = date.getTime(); animate(myRectangle); };
  3. I rewrote code from as2 to as3. Everything is ok now. Thank you
  4. Hi, I am using tweenlite for the banners to be used on the google adwords channel. Google is not accepting the ads due to the error: Encountered flash error - ad cannot have a random number Can someone help, please.
  5. Didn't know it is called screen tearing. I also found this post. http://www.unitzeroone.com/blog/2009/11 ... n-tearing/ Thank you.
  6. Hello, I know this is some kind of a Flash rendering issue, but is there any way or workaround to tween X, Y of large image (2000*1000) smoothly without flickering...? Thanks for any suggestion.
  7. of course, I was going for the bonuses too
  8. Everything is working OK now. I just joined the GreenSock Club. It is the least I can do...
  9. Try "simulate download" at lower bandwidth speed. Thanks for your time!!!
  10. Thank you,... FromTo and Delay is not working either. I tried this with custom fadeIn - onEnterFrame function and its working OK (alpha 0-100). TweenMax only works for me, when content is already in the browsers cache, or when I preview my swf without "simulate download". Otherwise, it looks like object properties are set to end values, when content is freshly loaded. My guess, I should start working in AS3
  11. Alpha doesn't go from 0-100, it emidietly jumps to 100! Can someone tell me what is wrong? Thank you! var pictureLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader(); var pictureLoaderListener:Object = new Object(); pictureLoader.addListener(pictureLoaderListener); pictureLoader.loadClip("mySwf.swf", mcPictureLoader); pictureLoaderListener.onLoadInit = function(targetPicture:MovieClip):Void { targetPicture._alpha = 0; TweenLite.to(targetPicture,.2,{_alpha:100, ease:Quad.easeIn}); };