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  1. Hi All,


    I'm currently trying to create function that controls a sprite 4420px wide. The sprite is masked and only displays 170px width at any time. On a button click the sprite moves -170px to display the next image and so on. However when the last image of the sprite is reached I want to loop back to the first frame.


    The if statement only seems to be recognised if the 'style.left ==  0'.


    Please see my function below any help would be appreciated.




    addListeners = function () {
      angleLeft.addEventListener('click', angleLeftClick, false)
    leftClick = new TimelineMax({
    	delay: 0,
    function angleLeftClick() {
    	if (sprite.style.left == -4250) {
    		leftClick.to(sprite, 0, {
    			x: 0,
    	else {	
    		leftClick.to(sprite, 0, {
    			x: "-=170",


  2. Hi,



    I am new to the GreenSock forum and would greatly appreciate some insight and help. I have found some great posts with useful answers concerning 'Counters' however none with a separator. I apologise if I have missed one or if this post is in the wrong place.


    I'm trying to add a comma to the below code to give the 'thousands' a decimal place eg 2,100.


    var counter = { var: 0 };
    var tal = document.getElementById("tal");
     TweenMax.to(counter, 5, {
          var: 2100, 
          onUpdate: function () {
              tal.innerHTML = Math.ceil(counter.var);


    In the past I have used countUp.js to achieve this. But was wondering if TweenMax has a simple way to execute with out adding an additional js file.


    Any help would be appreciated.



    See the Pen KCwhx by nicolund (@nicolund) on CodePen