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  1. I'd like to post a game I've been working on that I really could not have done without TweenMax. Paint The Wall http://www.leonkessler.com/paint/ A puzzle game where the aim is to paint the wall before the kettle boils - in time for a cuppa tea. Would also like to thank greensock for the help provided in these forums. I only found TimeLineMax halfway through the project, but it helped me out absolutely loads.
  2. Is there a way to do this? I can't see a way I can update this with the setDestination() method. I've tried this: if(tween.currentProgress > 0.5) { tween.setDestination('x',newX); tween.setDestination('y'newY); } As my tween has only two bezier points, so if it's done half way it's finished the first. However, this causes the script to crash. I am thinking I should kill the tween and create a new one, but maybe there's another way? Thanks
  3. Thanks, that's brilliant! TimeLineLite, hadn't thought to look at it for some reason, but it's pretty damn cool!
  4. I am currently tweening an objects x and y coordinates, it needs to move straight in right angles (so no curves or diagonal movement). I have done this so far by using bezier points, adding two beziers for every right angle. However, is there an easier or better way to do this? As I have run into a few problems. Thanks Leon
  5. I've got a few issues tweening scaleX and scaleY properties, the tween works fine on a Mac, but windows it won't tween. My flash site basically zooms in to different parts of a large movieclip. So I'm reguarly tweening the scaleX, scaleY, x and y. On the last three pages from the menu, only the x and y are tweened. This is the page: http://tiny.cc/qe0lR Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks guys.