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  1. emilychews's post in GSAP Tween with Scroll Magic (unsure if the problem is GSAP or SM related) was marked as the answer   
    *** AMENDED - i found out what was causing the secondary problem after removing scroll magic
    Thanks Shaun - although I am using Scroll Magic on the site for other things, I took Scroll Magic off this tween as you recommended and have used scrollTop() instead with jQuery, (this also means i can use position: fixed without any problems).
    I seem to have a hit what looks like a minor (but two hours later) albeit painfully frustrating side-effect. 
    I have it so when you scroll further than 1px down the menu slides away, and when the scrollTop() === 0 the menu comes back in.  There seems to be a strange delay on the menu coming back in though.  I've tried restructuring the else if statement into separate functions, but to no avail? Sometimes if feels like 2-3 seconds.
    How can i have it so the menu comes straight back in when a user goes back to the top, without the delay / lag.
    I really appreciate yours and Jonathan's assistance so far.
    I've updated the Codepen here : See the Pen WpYgWe?editors=1010 by emilychews (@emilychews) on CodePen

  2. emilychews's post in Add an Animation / Transform on a Cloned jQuery Element was marked as the answer   
    Sorry Blake, I didn't even see your answer.  A thousand apologies!
    That looks very good, and thinking about it, I could probably have a play around with that pen and see how near I can get it.  I wouldn't want it full screen because it's going to be for an image library with downloadable images, so the image clicked on will be a smaller version of the downloadable hi-res image, which could look blurry at 100vh, but I'm thinking getting it to centre in the viewport at 50vh with that foundation of code may not be as daunting as first thought.
    I loved your business card animation on that page as well btw.
    Thanks again.