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  1. Ran into another issue which is Google Display Network doesn't accept .gifs that they detect as over 5 FPS..... Is there a workaround here?
  2. I'm managing to get some of the banner ads down to the appropriate size. It's just the larger demensions that I'm having trouble with. Can anyone tell me if these settings look legit? The animation runs smoothly and looks OK. Format: GIF Dimensions: 728w x 90h Size: 136.7K Settings: Adaptive, 32 Colors, No Dither, 92 frames, Transparency on, No Transparency Dither, Non-Interlaced, 0% Web Snap
  3. Do you know around how much it would cost to have someone build out this animation into HTML5?
  4. Hi guys! I used After Effects to create the animation and export everything. I'm being told I need a .gif file that's under less than 150k for Google Display Network. I have no experience with HTML or those other formats. I attached the .gif below that I'm trying to bring down.
  5. Hi there, I'm an animator tasked with taking an animation I made awhile back and converting it to a banner ad. I made the .movs and .gifs but the smallest I know how to make the animations are 500kb and I need them to be 150k max for GDN. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to bring down these files? I've never made banner ads for the web before so am quite ignorant on the process. Do I need have this thing built in a different program? Is my animation too complicated for a banner ad?