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  1. No it doesnt, Dart is more like AS3/typescript.... well is more “evolved” I think. I welcome all of you to give Flutter a try , you will see what I mean regarding the lacking of a TweenMax lib, even if it’s in beta state the technology is really promising. please let me know what you think, if it’s doable.... at least a simple “TweenNano”
  2. I know is totally out of topic for html/js forum. Ive been using this Tween engine for almost a decade in AS3. I was truly hoping that eventually u make a port for Flutter, dealing with animations and timelines there is a PAIN. greensock API is muuch needed!. Any plans to expand the library to Dart? It will be very welcome for this new promising technology
  3. Thanks for the reply @Jack, I was kinda expecting it. Even if its a "bummer", u have my huge respects buddy, I've been using TweenLite/Max for ages, always extremely stable and reliable, so I can't be more grateful for all the work that u guys been doing for ages. Therefore, I just feel honor enough for ur kinds comments and the time u took to justify the (expected) NO and for being polite. I'm aware of the copyright, and that's the big issue where I can't do anything about it. I think the rest can be "arranged", even using a similar approach unrelated to Greensock, creating a custom bezier editor, precompiling the code in swc, etc... Anyway, is there any chance for me to help u (greensock) to stay alive in AS3 ? I know the library took a way different path now, with tons of features that works only on CSS/JS, but at least, I would like to contribute something back. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I wanna know if I have ur permission to share my code version from CustomEase on github or something similar, I ported the latest JS version to AS3 and works pretty well. Actually, I'm using it with Starling's Tween... this new easing is really amazing. Even with my own implementations/optimizations for AS3... I'd like to know if its ok to share it with the community... What u guys achieved is fantastic and I think it'll help developers to create amazing stuffs in AIR, event if everybody consideres AS3 "death" Thanks.