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  1. I found the codepen from a mention by @Carl on this thread and am implementing it into a project right now. I'm struggling with figuring out how to add more slides to it. Currently the example has 2 images. I'm looking to add more slides to it. The project will feature a series of images with this effect. I figured it would be something like adding var slide2 = new Slide(width, height, 'out'); .... var slide3 = new Slide(width, height, 'in'); ... and then adding it to the timeline however it doesn't seem to be working and this is my first experience with three.js can I get some guidance on how I can add more slides to this effect? thanks!
  2. I'm trying to mimic this scroll effect that I'm seeing on this site: https://www.beoplay.com/products/beoplayh8 It's the portion where the left is unveiled as you scroll. Having a tough time with how the frame work of this should be. There is also a "tolerance" feature where if you scroll past a certain point it'll snap to the image that is showing as the majority of the page. I'm using scroll magic and greensock but having a tough time because this concept is new to me. Any ideas?
  3. so for a site I'm working on. the mobile will essentially be a basic slider while the desktop has a different slide functionality. Currently I have the desktop slider complete and trying to figure out the best way to go about this. These are the two options I thought of Clone the html with jquery clone and create a new mobile timeline version. show hide with css. Create and destroy timelines on the same html based on browser size. Which is the better option or is there a better option out there? Thanks!
  4. so currently I have this animation created as a css keyframe class. is there a better way to do this with greensock? I would be adding it a timeline. would I need to create multiple fromTo's ? thanks!
  5. thanks mucho! just joined club greensock today and learning the drawsvg plugin
  6. Hello! How would I reverse the direction of this drawsvg so that it animates in the reverse direction? thanks!