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  1. Hi PointC, Thanks very much for the speedy response. I have looked through the ScrollMagic documentation and in Titchy's videos he shows you how to add a class to an element once it reaches that section. However, I am using Greensock not CSS3 transition to control my animation. I followed the tutorial from Titchy and understood how it works, but I can't seem to apply that to a green sock animation. Do you have any specific tutorials I can follow on how to pause TweenMax animation from the start and then trigger once the section is reached? Thanks in advance Sam
  2. Hello Everyone I am new to GSAP and have a created a few animations however, I have reached a point where I am stuck. I have created an animation in Greensock however, I don't want my animation to play until that particular section on the page is reached or at least when the section reaches the middle of the viewport. I have used Tween Max to create the animation. At the moment the animation plays as soon as the page loads, but I only want it to play once that particular Div is reached or it within the middle of the viewport. How do I pause the animation from the start until I reach that section then play it? I have attached a codepen for reference. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thank-you Sam