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  1. So I have a Timeline that has a series of staggerFrom. Each staggerFrom has an onComplete event that fires properly. However, I want my parent Timeline to yoyo: true, and repeat once (repeat:1, repeatDelay:1) so it reverses back. If I add those parameters, the onComplete event from each staggerFrom is not firing on reverse. Is there anything I am missing? TIA! Please note that I need to get some properties of the element (like the width and left position) after the each stagger animation. And I have multiple staggerFrom and tweens within my parent timeline.
  2. Thanks @Honingh, I did try your solution but the skinRight.html doesn't look aligned. Is there something I missed? Attached is a screenshot of how it looks on my localhost. Hopefully you can help me figure this out. Thanks! Mark
  3. I also work on a lot of HPTO and APTO for Weborama. I'm doing the same thing - coding locally, upload to Weborama to preview. Is there some kind of a tool that we can use to test locally? Just to speed up the process of building.