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  1. ... yes i know i would like to know if it was possibile to use the tween to move the drawing api.... but i'm complicating by myself... i solved everything with the classic AS
  2. hi there i'm trying to move the buttons like this example http://snohetta.com/#/projects/ the X Y movements of the Menu and the sub menus.. ... but i cannot understand how to correctly use the drawing api to build that stupid pink thin line between the element.... mine is a caos of curves not a rigid line moving between 2 points.. PS i can write only in AS 2... Thanks in advance....
  3. i'm fallowing the code you wrote down and i'm tryin your new class playing with: myTimeline.gotoAndStop(); it seems that... if i write myTimeline.gotoAndStop();//it brings my tween instantly to the end myTimeline.gotoAndStop(0);//after my tween have played if i call it, it brings my tween instantly to the starting point myTimeline.gotoAndStop(x);////it brings my tween instantly in different part of the tween (the half point using "1", the 3/4 using "3"...) can you explain me better this, i cannot find this in the on the DOC THAAAAAAANK YOU!!!
  4. THanks so much i'll do the upgrade and study new features!
  5. Hi there, i'm playing with those cool classes but i cannot understand how to stop a tween and how to reset the value (to bring all the mc's to the starting point). i wrote down a stupid code but it doesn't work... for sure i'm missing something but i cannot understand what... ///IMPORT what i need for my test import gs.TweenMax; import gs.plugins.*; import gs.*; TweenPlugin.activate([blurFilterPlugin, DropShadowFilterPlugin, TintPlugin]); import gs.easing.*; //want to call a tween as a group to move some mc's function prova() { var tween1:TweenMax = new TweenMax(scheda01red, 2, {_x:"100", ease:Quint.easeOut, startAt:{_x:-100}, blurFilter:{blurX:6, blurY:3}}); var tween2:TweenLite = new TweenLite(scheda02red, 2, {_x:"100", ease:Quint.easeOut, stagger:0.3, blurFilter:{blurX:6, blurY:3}}); var tween3:TweenLite = new TweenLite(scheda03red, 2, {_x:"100", ease:Quint.easeOut, stagger:0.3, blurFilter:{blurX:6, blurY:3}}); GroupSchede = new TweenGroup([tween1, tween2, tween3]); GroupSchede.align = TweenGroup.ALIGN_SEQUENCE; } //a function to try the "stop" and others... function stoppa() { GroupSchede.stop(); //GroupSchede.reverse() //trace( myTween.duration); //killTweensOf(GroupSchede); //removeTween(GroupSchede); } //on Release on this button i call prova and mc's start moving plei.onRelease = prova; //on Release of this...nothing happen stop_btn.onRelease = stoppa;