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  1. 1) Yep. That's understood. 2) Sweet. Missed getItem. 3) Unfortunately the class is built around the component architecture (updateDisplayList, etc) so I need to add it first. I added the following in my updateDisplayList and it worked. I'll optimize it later now that I see what's up. FlexTransformManager(parent).getItem(this).update(); Thanks man!
  2. Unfortunately I can't. The thing is wrapped into a lot of other functionality. Is there a way to get to the transform item from within the added child? Meaning, I'm adding a custom class which loads an image file. From the custom class the parent is the manager not the item, which is fine. For now, just to test update(), I'm going to add the transform item to the image class as a property for now. Let me know if there is a better way of accessing it.
  3. You can see the picture (attached) to see the problem. Basically, user drags a photo down, the item is added to a FlexTransformManager and I call: FlexTransformManager(parent).selectItem(this, false);. The bounds are corrected when you deselect the item then reselect it but the initial does not select it properly. Ideas?