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  1. Hi all! I'm new to GSAP - are studying it. I found this example of the banner - http://gsap-banner.getforge.io/. However, this banner needs to be redone. Said that it was necessary - "Need to size it down for adwords, and also make a few variations". But please tell me, I don't know what I need to change in this banner? I need to make changes - just tell me, please, what should I do and what changes to make?
  2. I am new to the study of GSAP. In the study a ready example of a HTML5-game ( GSAP ) I have a question. The method onComplete is passed to one callback function: ... onComplete: oneFunction Is it possible onComplete method to pass multiple callback functions? ... onComplete: firstFunction secondFunction For example, I have a task to hang on one event call multiple functions. Or is this way impossible and the only solution in this case is to call the callback functions in the chain - at the conclusion of one function this function calls another function and so on?
  3. yeah, I just thought of this a few minutes ago )) but - thanks for the great links! in these references I found a new and unknown moments for myself. really - the subject is quite complex. i need to understand and imagine in my head )) http://codepen.io/gearmobile/pen/GNryKE - converted this example as a little visual aid. )) I am now studying a complete example of a game on GSAP, and it has similar calculations of the coordinates of the elements. thank you very much for the help! )) P.S. GSAP is a surprisingly interesting and beautiful thing! )
  4. I figured out the problem and the issue is closed.
  5. I'm new to GSAP. I'm learning to work with the Draggable plugin. I can't understand the principle of the x and y properties of the Draggable plugin. I gave an example on Codepen to illustrate. Why when you click on the element block in the console returns a 0 value on the X-axis and the Y-axis? Because this unit is set to 20 on both axes. How is the calculation of the coordinates for this block?