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  1. Oh **** I'm tired today ^^ I try 50 but not 100 ahah Thanks
  2. Hi all, I try to have a perspective effect on my title "Master Roaster", I separate all the letter (all of them are in a different <span>), but my animation doesn't work on that, it's work on my head-text ("01. Redesign"). I can't find the problem... Anyone could help me ? Thanks a lot
  3. Yes in general.. It's easier to learn when it's a concrete example... Thanks a lot
  4. Oh thank you, I understand Have you some other codepen that you could share to see differents uses of GSAP ?
  5. Thanks you very much for your help Carl. Have you some other demo ? I'm a beginner with GSAP
  6. Hello, Is it necessery to add a plugin to use TextPlugin whith GSAP or just the two js (TimeLine and TweenMax) to use it ? Thanks a lot.