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  1. I have a task to create christmas styled animated email. Is it possible to use greensock for this?
  2. Actually there is no problem in getting ._gsTransform.x for parent div, just should set variables right var border = document.getElementById("border") instead of var border = document.querySelectorAll(".border"); and <div id="border"> instead of <div class="border"> The other problem is that i am careless, but i think i just have to consult with my developers about it..
  3. I am trying to make element follow coordinates of animated element in animated div wrap. The element i am trying to place is a rectangle, and coordinates I am trying to take from is blue ball. The blue ball has relative coordinates inside his wrapper. And wrapper div doesn't give me his wrapper._gsTransform.x. How else can I count absolute position of wrapped element? TweenMax.to(box2, 15, {x :550, y: 550,onUpdate:function(){ TweenMax.set(box, {x:ball._gsTransform.x+231, y:ball._gsTransform.y-232})}});
  4. I can't always know what objects should be wrapped. Tracking pivot points sounds cool, but how to do it? For now i am going to try find a way to track translate3d on change.
  5. I am tryinng to place blue balls on top of red balls. Is it possible to assign one animation for several objects, asuming that i already using loop for other objects here is simplified pseudocode of what i am thinking about for (var i = 0; i < element1.length; i++) { var element1 = element1[i]; var element2 = totallyDifferentElement1; var element3 = totallyDifferentElement2; var element4 = totallyDifferentElement3; tl.to(element1,element2,element3,element4, 5, {x:"100"}); } instead of for (var i = 0; i < element1.length; i++) { var element1 = element1[i]; var element2 = totallyDifferentElement1; var element3 = totallyDifferentElement2; var element4 = totallyDifferentElement3; tl.add("label"); tl.to(element1, 5, {x:"100"},"label"); tl.to(element2, 5, {x:"100"},"label"); tl.to(element3, 5, {x:"100"},"label"); tl.to(element4, 5, {x:"100"},"label"); } New codepen http://codepen.io/one2gov/pen/PbBBPL?editors=1010 i thought all blue balls would just follow appearence of red ones. So i can have 2 loops for 2 classes. Is it possible to use 1 loop for both classes?
  6. I have a work that requires grouping elements in animation, and then taking it a part and so on... As for now i am creating separate images when images should work together, and then making a transition when they should be separated several images. So when I have several elements, I can wrap them into a div and it can work like group. But what if I have some animation set up, like in codepen, for now to save it I would need to hide the element that I need to move out of animation, create the same one on top of it, animate it, put it back, hide, show previously hidden one - done. Is there a better way? Can I switch of animation for some element, do another thing, and then continue previous animation?
  7. I think I can live with that solution, but just out of curiosity - is there a way to make this animation work, without wraping everything in #border div? I thought you can have some object, that would a pivot point for other objects, but apparently not.
  8. Is there other way to do the same thing without timescale? I have to use it in my project timeline, where is timescale is normal..
  9. This is something i did while I was waiting for reply. Actually I already wanted to make another topic about this issue. http://codepen.io/one2gov/pen/aBjJVr?editors=0010 Is it possible to not see how circles appear to the circle?
  10. is there a way to change titles and tags after starting topic?
  11. i have 2 divs on top of each other doing the same thing. I would like to add some delay, so they would rotate equidistant from each other.
  12. How to create several red circles? I can copy div and code for it, but it just floating on top of each others, and i can't use "+=1" time shift for some reason. http://codepen.io/one2gov/pen/MbBjzZ and it's really alot of code for just one task..
  13. Divs folow bezier path, but i need them just to rotate around the center between them. Can i use some others object center point for rotating this divs? That would be perfect.
  14. I just had to asign new values for my bezier_path.
  15. Yes, i am trying to rotate several divs around center, but don't rotate divs itself. My setup is too big and messy to share, i will try to find problem myself, just thought this behaviour could be familiar.