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  1. I case someone needs to know. The only thing I did to add GSAP to my project is this. Used NPM to add GSAP. Added this lines to typings.d.ts to avoid errors. declare let TimelineMax: any; declare let TimelineLite:any; declare let TweenMax:any; declare let TweenLite:any; And that's all. Thank you.
  2. OSUblake, Thank you for your help. I found what was the problem and I'm able to use GSAP on my Angular project. Like I said on my request, I was printing in console the Tween object and I thought that everything was fine with that and the issue could be related to the object from the DOM, and that was the issue, I was not getting the object from the view. Looking around I found how to get the object on Angular 2 without using any external libs like jquery. Thank you again.
  3. Hello there, I trying to animate a div using GSAP on an Angular 2 project created with the CLI, I'm using the latest versions. All seems to be fine, I have a console.log(TweenMax); on click event method that shows the proper TweenMax object structure, I believe this means that GSAP is added fine to the project. I used npm to add GSAP to my project I forgot to mentioned. Like I said, all seems to be fine but the div is not moving. Here is the project in case someone wants to run it and check it out. https://github.com/estebanpadilla/angular2GSAP.git Is there anyone here has experience with angular 2 besides the posts: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/13445-using-gsap-with-angular2/ I already check that post and other linked to this one but I had no luck. Well, I hope someone can help me! Thank you. angular2GSAP.zip