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  1. Thank you OSUblake & Jonathan for the feedback. Karim maaloul's work is simply amazing. Im compelled to learn three js now! He also made a tutorial. This plus a basic youtube tutorial on three js already helped me grasp the basics. Link: https://tympanus.net/codrops/2016/04/26/the-aviator-animating-basic-3d-scene-threejs/ I hope to show you guys some proper 3d animations in the future. Thanks again! Pink
  2. Hi GreenSock! This is my first post here! Im experimenting whit creating 3d animals whit Gsap. At the moment im using transformStyle: "preserve-3d" and rotationY&X to fold div's somewhat like origami. Everything seems to work fine untill i start to animate or rotate the body the div's and svg's glitch from time to time. The glitch is that when there is movement a div in front of another no longer hides the object behind it for a second and it seems it needs to recalculate. My question is: can this be fixed? Also is there a better way to build a 3d object like i did? If possible i would like to create way more complex models and im afraid if i continue like this the glitches will increase. Ive only started programming 7 months ago so it might be a bit messy. I apologize in advance! See link: https://codepen.io/1Lohmann/pen/jBGJOZ Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Pink