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  1. Yes! Awesome! Thank you so much!
  2. Hey Jonathon, Thanks so much for your response! I did look at the docs, but it is still unclear the two can be combined. In the pathToBezier example video you linked, what I would need is for the balloon to morph in to a different shape (already defined as a path) while it is still moving. Is that possible? Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I just discovered Greensock yesterday and am so far very impressed! I have a wheel chart (which you can view via the codepen url, although I'm not including the animations because they're tied to my server), that I want to animate in to various states (such as hiding certain wedges or changing the proportions). I'm currently doing all the math for the chart server side and what I'm handing back when I change states is a list updated paths (1 for each visible wedge, just to be clear) for where I want the wedges to end up. I'm using TweenMax.to to morph each wedges "d" attribute to its new one, but they morph there in a straight line and I'd prefer that they do so along a bezier. I know of the bezier plugin, but from I've seen that seems to be only for animating static objects, and I want mine to be stretching or shrinking as they move. Is it possible to combine the bezier plugin with what I'm doing? Many thanks! P.S. if this is something that is doable only by joining Club Greensock, that is fine.