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  1. Sad that you're not for available for hire. Not that I hope that for you at all, but let me know if that ever changes? On this wheel, please forgive me for asking one more question. I have tried to figure this out with my crazy-limited/nonexistent JavaScript knowledge for a day and a half because I didn't want to ask. Without basic knowledge, it's like trying to read/write Chinese. I would like each of the generated boxes to point to a different external URL. I know I need to be looking at the onClick: function. I changed your function to onClick: function(e) { window.open(url); and added var url= "http://somelink.com"; But this obviously gives me the same link for all boxes. Please, please, please if this is quick and easy for you, would you let me know, dear Blake? Thank you from here all the way to the moon. ~Dagi
  2. Wait. What?!?!? You just wrote this for me, Blake? I'm trying to somehow wrap my mind around your kindness and generosity. It's not really working. Oh, Jesus. Thank you is such a small thing to offer in return. But thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I did not expect this. Also: You are brilliant!!! It would have taken me about three more years of coding to be able to come close to a solution like this. May I ask one question? It feels ungrateful and way too much to ask, so please don't feel an obligation to answer. You have done way more than enough: How DO I make each of the boxes link to an external URL? My skill is not even enough to take your solution as a starting point and run with it. And one more question: Would you be available to hire for further work on this project and other projects? Are you good with PHP and JavaScript for WordPress? Would you send me an email if you are interested? Dagi@Studio-7C.com Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Blake! ~Dagi
  3. Dear GreenSocks: I created the attached compass and made it spinnable with TweenLite and Draggable. Now I'm stuck: The images on top of the compass need to be clickable (and lead to the same URL) no matter in which position the compass stops after the user rotates it. I have lost hair and sleep over this. Does anybody know if this even possible? (The compass the way it right now is ONE .png image and the little pictures on top are each mapped with coordinates.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if the help is: Not possible with GreenSock. Thank you so much! ~Dagi