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  1. Was struggling a bit to get back to the original design, so this helps a lot. I like the efficient coding, definitely have to brush up my trigonometry a bit more... I like the dynamics on this forum, thanks for the input!
  2. ...of course, rotating an element creates a new (rotated) user coordinate space. (Keep forgetting that every now and then...) Thanks for pointing stuff out, Ruud. (PS. Link refers to Joni Trythall's Pocket Guide to Writing SVG, also an excellent SVG resource, as are Sara S's articles.)
  3. Hey Dipscom, Yes, that helps a lot, thanks for the explanation! Should have thought of that myself, animating the SVG attributes, not the CSS. What I don't get is that now the circles seem to come from different starting positions, although the tween uses just one (cx:2000, cy:2000). That also expected behaviour? Thanks, Ruud.
  4. Hello all, Have been searching the forum, but can't find an answer to something that can't be complicated, I'm sure. (Can't get it figured out, though.) Check the Pen: I'm trying to 'shoot' small circles on a larger circle. All the elements are inline SVG (part of a larger drawing), using SVG 'transform: rotate()' on the small circles. If you comment out the 'staggerFrom' you'll see what it's supposed to look like. With the tween active the transforms on the small circles are somehow skipped. Any idea anybody? Thanks, Ruud.