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  1. Figured it out. It was a directory issue with the image assets when I was rendering out the file from Animate. Thanks all!
  2. Thank you all, this has been helpful. It's animating now but the background image still won't show up even when I've referenced it in the head as a script. Any tips there? Does it need to be referenced as a different tag?
  3. Hello, I'm uploading my published Adobe Animate creative to Google Adwords, I've never done this before. I have in my zip file the image, the javascript, and the HTML so everything should be good to go. However when I upload and preview it, it doesn't animate. It's just the static background image. Am I doing something incorrectly with my code? Should I be doing something different with my publishing settings in Animate? Has anyone else encountered this when trying to put an animated ad onto Adwords? Thanks in advance for your help.