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  1. Can Greensock be used with digital billboards? Anyone with experience there? Thanks!
  2. Hello. Lurking and learning GSAP. Diaco has a codepen earlier in this thread which I've been toying with. How do you slow it down? Do you use the timescale?
  3. Hello Shaun, I am reviewing your codepen for the scrolling text. I see a class="wrapper", but I don't see where it's defined. Could you help me understand this better. I can see the effect wrapper has. Ken
  4. I cannibalized the Burger Boy Banner coding, if it looks familiar on the coding side.
  5. Hello All, Here is my first project. Two frames so to speak. The font on the second one has me puzzled. I think I have handled it the same as I did on the first, but it behaves differently, unless my eyes are fooling me. To me it appears to scale and move up instead of just scaling up from the center. Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong... if I am? Thanks, Ken http://codepen.io/Art_Maverick/pen/NRBNoY
  6. Thank you Carl. I guess just the initial jitters. It seems like I'm missing something. Looking forward to diving in. Ken
  7. Hello Everyone. I've been going through the Noble Desktop training with intentions to continue to the GreenSock Workshop by Petr. With the Noble Desktop training, work is done to an HTML file that calls the appropriate GSAP js from the CDN. I am gearing up to do my first project... simple of course. Is it really as simple as adding the code in the HTML file and saving it... no compiling or saving to an unreadable file? How would I give it to the customer for implementation on their webpage once they approve it? There probably are some threads in the forum that address these questions. Could someone please direct me to them. Not sure what to search for. Thanks, Ken
  8. Very impressive indeed. I'm delving into Greensock, and I have definitely been inspired. Look forward to future examples.