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  1. Hi, thanks for the replay. I just adjusted the code to use an onUpdate function and works. Thanks! What I wanted to do is to scroll up the whole "stage" but on resizing I couldn't update the width+height of the scrolling container to the new width and height (the new stagewidth) So my code tweens the maxPosY number and the onUpdate sets the scrollRect TweenMax.to(this, t, {maxPosY:-_backgroundManager.height, ease:Linear.easeNone,onUpdate:setScrollRect}); private function setScrollRect():void { _scrollRect.bottom=stage.stageHeight; _scrollRect.top=maxPosY; _scrollRect.right=stage.stageWidth; _scrollRect.left=0; _container.scrollRect = _scrollRect; } Again, Thanks!
  2. Hello! It is the first time I am using the scrollRect property. It works really good! I am trying to scroll a whole container and on resizing of the stage, the scrollrect should get bigger/smaller. I have tried to use it in combination with dynamic props but this doesn't seem to work. Is that correct? TweenMax.to(_container, t, {dynamicProps:{scrollRect:getScrollRect}, ease:Linear.easeNone});
  3. I am using eclipse with FDT and Flex 3 sdk compiler. I will setup a simpler project to export it!
  4. Hi! Thanks for the replay! I uploaded a sample with the classes. http://www.onlsense.com/lab/transformManager/ Hope that helps! Tamara
  5. Hi, Could it be that there is a problem using TransformManager when the rest of the application uses directly or indirectly mx controls? As soon as an import to any mx control is set, the TransformManager loses the boundary rectangle and the handlers to rotate, scale,etc. To reproduce it you only need to have an import to for example: mx.containers.Panel Thank you! Tamara