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  1. Hello alwayzambitious, thank you for your response. When the wing rotates on the Z-axis (rotateZ) it looks like a rotating clock. What i am trying to achieve is rotate on the Y-axis (rotateY) so it will look like an opening door. Check out my original animation to see what i mean: https://codepen.io/nikches/pen/pRbqMQ
  2. Hello, I have created this animated logo using CSS which triggers on hover : https://codepen.io/nikches/pen/pRbqMQ I started recreating the above animation using Greensock and i'm stuck on the "rotationY" property. My problem is with the right wing of the eagle. As you can see in the CSS animation the right wing moves 60 deg towards the viewer on the Y axis, but when i recreate the same wing animation with GSAP the wing is moving away from the viewer. I have tried using negative values (rotationY: -60) but the result is the same. I have also tried using "directionalRotation" by apllying "rotationY: "-60_cw" / "rotationY: "60_cw" / "rotationY: "-60_ccw" / "rotationY: "60_ccw" without success. I would like to ask for your help in identifying what am i doing wrong ? Thank you for your time and help.