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  1. senna

    Section slides

    Thank you! I'm happy it's working and also the other demos look great. I'm going to give that a try
  2. senna

    Section slides

    Hello, I'm working on a schoolproject and I would like to use something like this: http://scrollmagic.io/examples/advanced/section_slides_manual.html I made this code, but it's acting weird. http://codepen.io/codesen/pen/bwogPj Want I want: when you scroll, one page moves to te left and the next page comes in to the screen with a little scaling. I used a timeline for this. What is happing: when you scroll all page are thrown on top of each other, the backgroundcolors disappear and everything moves to the left. Not really what I was expecting. I hope you can tell me why this is happening!
  3. Hello, I have a question about triggering tweens with the ScrollMagic plugin I created a ScrollMagic page where I animated with CSS, but I prefer to do transform ect with GreenSock. The problem is that when I want to trigger tweens, it doesn't work. This is the code: http://codepen.io/codesen/pen/LRLEYZ I also have a WORKING code, but this is with CSS animation, and not what I want: http://codepen.io/codesen/pen/RGpyGz I used this as an example: http://scrollmagic.io/examples/basic/simple_tweening.html I think the problem is in line 10: .setTween("#project01", 0.5, {backgroundColor: "green"}) I hope you can help!
  4. senna

    Interactive animation

    okay in case anyone else had the same problem. This is what I did wrong: I put the link to JavaScript before the links to GreenSock and iQuery It's kind of obvious, but the only thing I needed to do was first link to iQuery and GreenSock and after that link to JS
  5. senna

    Interactive animation

    Hello again! I want to use this code in Sublime Text, but it doesn't work. I use Chrome as my browser. Is there a reason that this doesn't work? I copy paste the codes and linked js, css and GSAP I can't find any reason why the code that works in codepen shouldn't work with Sublime Text and Chrome. (the circle shows up but it doesn't change color when you click it)
  6. senna

    Interactive animation

    Hello, I have an other question. I want to be able to toggle the circle between black and orange. To me it makes sense to use an 'if statement'. But I tried various ways and it won't work. So I'm wondering, what is an easy way to accomplish that. And is there a feature in GreenSock, or do I use the regular js code? The code I created: http://codepen.io/codesen/pen/yaYoZZ I'm thinking about something like: If you click the circle when it's black, it turns orange If you click the circle when it's orangje, it turns black (sounds pretty simple, but I'm justing starting with js and GSAP)
  7. senna

    Interactive animation

    Thank you all! So far it works!
  8. senna

    Interactive animation

    Thank you! It does help to give me an idea how to work, but I still have a problem. When I adjust the code in the codepen you gave it works, but when I use the same code in one of my own pens or in SublimeText nothing happens. Do you know why? http://codepen.io/codesen/pen/yaYoZZ
  9. Hello everyone, I'm a student and I need to learn how to work with GreenSock. So far I have created some animations with TweenMax and TimeLinemax. Now I want to learn how to make those animations interactive. For example I would like to make a circle that changes color when you click it. I hope you can help me get started with this. Thanks in advance