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  1. loll

    Zoom and Pan

    Hi, Is it possible using greensock to zoom and pan the contents of a movieclip. eg. all the children zoom. but the parent container never resizes. creating the effect of zoom and pan around the movieclip? This would mean panning outside the area of the parent movieclip
  2. Thanks for all your help, I have managed to make things run a bit faster through making some compromises as suggested.
  3. Thanks for your advise. I have not heard of the blitmask before. this is the code that is running slow: TweenMax.to(latestSc,1.5,{x:500,y:372,scaleX:60,scaleY:60,alpha:0}); Basically its a text field that enlarges and fades at the same time, its only usually 2 numbers in the text field, so its not a field that is very full of text, would something like that benefit from blitmask? I suspect its the alpha change that it is struggling on.
  4. Hi, I am building an app on IOS and attempting to use greensock for transitions. The problem is that while the tweening works nicely on the computer, when it is packaged and put on the iPAd , the transitions are slow and jerky. is this just the way it is, or is there something i might be missing that makes it slow and jerky?
  5. Hi, I have a question about the new physics2d plugin. I looked at the demo of it and i think i understand how it works, however, im wondering if it is possible to take it a step further and use it with ricochet. as in, can i make movieclips that are set in motion by the physics2d bounce off and/or set other movieclips in motion based on the speed,angle etc of the tween? also is it possible to slow and/or stop if the movieclip crosses through another clip? can i do this with the physics2d or do i need to use another method?