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  1. Isn't that strange?! The thing is, when I remove the font-size property from actually within the CSS and reload the page, the animation still doesn't work. Then if I remove say 'line-height' from the body element within Dev Tools it starts to work. It has to be a bug/glitch, don't you think? Any other ideas what might be causing it? If not, I may have to concede defeat and have it just not work in limited versions of Safari and mobile Safari.
  2. I know this was resolved a week or two ago, but there seems to be issues that have cropped up again. I've essentially duplicated the content from the Codepen (where it works) into the site here: https://sleepsalt.wpengine.com/science/. Now the left diagram doesn't seem to be working in Safari or mobile Safari. It is working in Firefox though. Anything that you can think of that would cause it not to work within the site framework? I am not seeing an JS errors or anything else that would indicate what is happening. Thanks!
  3. Jack, Jonathan and Carl, thanks so much for all your help. Jack's post fixed the issue and is exactly what I am looking for. I appreciate you helping out. I'm just getting into animations with SVG and still am learning a lot!
  4. Sorry about the file issue. I just switched out the path, so that should be working now. The issue is on Apple Safari and my iPhone 6. I have not tested further than that at this point. Thanks!
  5. I am using TweenMax for some animations. The animations work fine in Chrome, but Safari and Firefox both have issues with the center animation. I though GSAP removed those browser issues, so I am thinking I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!