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  1. Thank you for your help. I found a solution by replaced setTimeout with TweenMax repeat. The first codepan also had a bug with how the initial height of elements was calculated. Below is a working version.
  2. It does help a little bit, but the items still offset a bit when the tab is inactive. It's more visible if I decrease the timeout. I updated the codepen. I also try adding this: TweenMax.ticker.useRAF(false); It did not seem to help. I would much rather fix the code so that I don't have to disable these optimization features.
  3. Hi all. I'm working on this item scroll animation. The first item of the list gets moved to the bottom and all other items move up by the height of the first item. It works OK when the example loads for the first time, but when you open another tab it gets out of sync because the `onComplete` does not get called. You can see this by checking the console logs while the tab is inactive. Any suggestion on what I'm don't wrong or how can I fix/improve this code. Regards
  4. Thank you, Jonathan. I was able to recreate something close to what I need for the grain fade in animation. But It has some serious performance issues when I create a canvas for every pixel (or 5) out of the image. Which is what I would need to achieve the desired effect. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/GjJXQV You can see the performance issue by dropping grainDensity in the options object to 5 or 10. Any other option?
  5. Hi all. I'm trying to create different entrances/exits effects for images. For example. I would like an image to appear on the screen assembled from small grains. An image would need to be split into individual pixels (or small group of pixels), and they would gradually fade in one by one. Or. I would like an image to enter the screen assembled from a mash of small parallelograms. An image would be split into smaller shapes, and they would zoom in over time. Are there any examples out there I could reuse or look at for reference. Any pointers or suggestions are welcome.