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  1. using your example; private function scaleUp(mc:MovieClip):void { inFocus = mc; TweenLite.to(mc, 3, { scaleX:0.5, scaleY:0.5, x:0, y:0, rotationY:360, rotationX:360, ease:Expo.easeInOut, onComplete:moveStuff, onCompleteParams:[mc] }); function moveStuff(_clip:Sprite):void { stage.addChild(_clip); _clip.enlarge.alpha = 0; _clip.x = 0; _clip.y = 0; }
  2. You'd have to hijack the mouse events inside the transformmanagers mousedown/up (when you start to rotate etc) and do e.stopImmedatePropagation() to prevent the mouseevent to bubble down to your drawing app. quick fix, I'm sure you can figure it out
  3. I've done a fork of the transform manager that can snap to display objects, grids and bounds. Not sure about the best way to get the classes over though, don't just want to attach them to a forum post. I'll get it uploaded somewhere stat.
  4. This solution will undoubtedly create new problems for you, but setting wmode to 'direct' will solve most of screen tearing caused by bitmaps moving about.
  5. http://www.holden.com.au/cruze/ http://sciences.melbourne.edu.au/ http://www.holdencampaign.com.au/astraworld/ http://www.figamajigs.com/ http://www.rubberduckyderby.org/ TweenMax is the stuff