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  1. Thanks you! finally I managed. Is there a way to pause the animation? to start the animation rotation I am using this code: var autoPlay = TweenLite.delayedCall(1, setSlide); To pause it and restart im fighting.... thanks!!
  2. Sorry, I cant make it autoplay. When I uncomment the autoplay lines it gives error, "Cannot read property 'index' of undefined". Thanks for any help.
  3. Thanks a lot for answering. Please , is there any example on your suggestion "You can use multiple SVG containers instead"? I dont understand the meaning. Merci much.
  4. Hi, I am trying to reuse this pen but with svg elements but I cant make it work. What should I fix? Is it possible to apply it to svg elements? And finally, is it possible to make it roll automatically? (no prev and next buttons). Thanks so much for your time and help.
  5. Please excuse me. I realized the problem is that the rotate function I run it inside another function called "animation finished". When the animation finished function stops it makes stop the rotate function aswell. I have to figure how to fix it. You can check the bad behaviour here. https://linkrural.org/pp/ ( i didnt manage to make it work on codepen, ) Thanks so much and sorry for the bother.
  6. True, it works perfectly. I am wondering if the issue has to do with loading the triangle from an external svg. i will try to update the codepen correctly with the external svg working. Thanks so much
  7. Hi, thanks so much for answering. It took me all this time to prepare a pen but I cant make it work, due to the restrictions on svg requests. Still I am posting it, in case it helps. The example you send me is perfect. I didnt know I could do it with GSAP. I have a tiled background image thats why I need Openseadragon. But now I have an alternative if the problem above persists. Thanks so much and hope this pen is a bit useful.
  8. Hi everyone, I am rotating an svg element (externally loaded) but when I zoom in the browser the animation slows down and if I zoom in more, it definately stops. In the console window it shows the matrix values changing , confirming it still animating (but not visually). I am using a library (openseadragon) to zoom in the animated svg, and thats why its important to be able to zoom the animation. Please can anyone give me a clue on why it happens? The openseadragon library is so huge that posting a code pen is a bit difficult (super sorry) and i tested that by just zooming in the browser it has the same unwanted behaviour. Thanks so much for any light.
  9. Thank U x3 From the 30 buttons only one has this animation, thats why I inisisted with the switch case. And I managed to insert your code in it. And all the rest of the buttons will have their own animation (and pause aswell, and sounds and it gets a mess ). This new short code is super helpful, I can reuse it for playing and pausing the rest of the 29 animations. thanks so much, mean it.
  10. Thank you so much. I will try and send report.
  11. Hi, thanks so much. I prepared this pen, its a long code, tried to make it work without any other codes , it doesnt but it can give an idea. (hope...) I have at least 30 buttons, thats why the switch case function. Also, think its important to mention, the button is an external loaded svg element. (in this code pen i used the html div) Thank you!!
  12. I understand. The shake(elem) function is in the mouseover of the element. I dont know why but with repeat:-1 it only moves once per mouse over. And the myShake.pause() is on the mouseout but doesnt work. I really need to prepare a decent codepen and stop bothering. merci!
  13. Or this? it also works function shake(elem){ var T= TweenLite.to(elem,0.04,{x:R(-0.1,0.1),y:R(-0.1,0.1),rotation:R(-0.1,0.1),ease:Quad.easeInOut,onComplete:shake, onCompleteParams:[elem]}); return T; }; function R(max,min){return Math.random()*(max-min)+min}; kul, Thank you again.