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  1. Glad that I helped Waren! Did it worked out for you? Would love to see some examples! : ) Now I am working to fine tune the displacement, mainly by working a MUCH better map. Do you have Skype? I can share some codes with you.
  2. Sure, no need to teach me Imamagick! ; ) I asked if you can just run the script (I already have the code for it) to convert a map that I have to a relative one. Then you could also use the script for you converts of course! ; ) best
  3. Thanks Jonathan, After researching for almost 10 days I found a solution to convert the Absolute Map into a 32 bits Relative map (the previous script I had only worked with 8 bits) It's an ImageMagick script someone sent me in a forum, but unfortunately I don't know ImageMagick. Do you know how to use it? If yes I can send the script in PM. best
  4. Thanks Blake, the water map is definitely smooth! Looking to do something like this on mine! : ) Did you try a PNG 24+8 as Jonathan suggested? Think could help to smooth? So, are you using the absolute maps (without converting to relative) to displace? In my case, if I use absolute maps I get totally wrong distortions: Absolute map: https://gyazo.com/f50b499006e479aafb2123102b06ff82 Results (incorrect distortions): https://gyazo.com/df512b0fcb757bf28ac89de868d93a96 When I convert from absolute to relative, I get correct distortions. But still lots of aliasing, which is why I want to test a PNG24+8 Relative map...
  5. Thanks Jonathan! Now I'm able to do the absolute "PNG 24+8" map. But when I use the script to convert "PNG 24" map from ABSOLUTE to RELATIVE, I get a messed up RELATIVE map. Do you know workflow in photoshop (so I don't depend on that script) to convert absolute to relative? Also, would a PNG 24+8 give smoother results than PNG 8? Or wouldn't matter since browser render only 8bits? thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the awesome examples Blake! ; ) How are you converting your ABSOLUTE maps into RELATIVE (fedisplacement compatible)? Also, did you try to use 32 bits per channel maps to see if you get smoother deformations? On the examples you sent, they are all 8 bits right?
  7. Awesome tips Jonathan, thanks a LOT! Are you using 32 bits per channel maps? How are you exporting your PNG 32 files? I created a 32 bits per channel map https://gyazo.com/c63ba97704453a48ba031c27730020fa But Photoshop doesn't allow to export as PNG 24 (using "save for web"). https://gyazo.com/8f0c069a07666124cf16c7af7eca6f04 And when I export (file/export/export as/PNG) PNG come out as 8 bits https://gyazo.com/ed83a2862ff0a122976d8be783d0bc0c https://gyazo.com/ea96ca8b87b244e9a77782693e974d4a Cannot get 32 bits per channel PNGs here...
  8. Thanks Jonathan, I made the displacement work, but it is showing up very "harsh" with transparent pixels, and LOTS of aliasing. https://gyazo.com/de60238a5fa294d1b094d6984532f19e How can I make it smoother?
  9. A Photoshop workflow definitely be the best option for me. How do you convert the UV maps to "fedisplacement compatible" maps ? The best example I've seen so far is this codepen by Blake Bowen: https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/WQyBJb How can I make maps like his? https://gyazo.com/f2d11ddf263562036309a8e2bbba9a41
  10. Thanks @Jonathan, I made this distort absolute map, saved as PNG and replaced on the folder: https://gyazo.com/b56737fcca4e7b40e904965101a56260 But the resulted relative map didn't came out correct: https://gyazo.com/b56737fcca4e7b40e904965101a56260 I know the script is correct because it worked with the tutorial distorted absolute map. So is definitely something wrong with my replaced map settings. Do you know what could be wrong? Also, how are you guys creating the displacement maps? Any other suggested technique?
  11. Hey Guys, good to see a Topic on displacement here! Ive started another one, which is specific to creating the maps (not the filter itself). I would appreciate if anyone can give some inputs there! ; ) http://greensock.com/forums/topic/14973-fedisplacementmap-creating-the-map/ best
  12. Hey guys, I'm following the tutorial bellow on how to make an Absolute map, and using the attached script for step 3 "Changing the absolute source values to relative values". However the generated map is not correct. probably something wrong with the image I replaced? On the attached file you can find: pspmap.png (image I replaced) pspmaporiginal.png (correct example image) http://www.tapper-ware.net/blog/?p=39 How to create the an absolute map with your favourite image editing application Step one: Creating the neutral image. The neutral image simply maps each pixel to the same one in the source image. It’s want you always start with and it never changes. Step two: Deforming the image. You can use any deformation filter you want. Step three: Changing the absolute source values to relative values. That one is a little more complicated. Since feDisplacementMap doesn’t really allow you to map a source pixel directly to a target pixel we have to subtract the position of the pixel to convert the absolute position we have so far into a relative position. So basically, you have to load the image we created into something that can run a bit of code on each pixel and run something like the following code on each (you can just save this script and exchange the source image path for yours): map.zip