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  1. Thanks @Dipscom and @explorerzip We are a big fan of TinyPNG as well, that's why we have integrated their service into our platform. About 80% of the customers prefer to use this optimization, as we see right now. Agree that the most will be won with image optimization. On the other hand, optimizing the code (html, css, js) would limit the file size without losing any quality at all.
  2. Hi all, What measures do you take to optimize your banner ads in terms of file size? Do you optimize the file size of your images? Do you minify the HTML, JS and CSS? Any other things? We've recently integrated an image optimizer into our platform which optimize all images (PNG and JPG) in your HTML5 ads. Just wondering what the experts do more
  3. I definitely can recommend to use www.moat.com. You can search on brand and find 'all' associated ads. For example, Google ads on https://moat.com/advertiser/google?report_type=display PS. On our blog we also share some banner inspiration, www.adpiler.com/blog/
  4. Thanks Oliver. We've currently listed the following factors to validate a banner on. The limitations will differ per network. - File types in the zip - Primary HTML-file in zip - Are there any missing assets? - Are the external files allowed? - Are all files loaded over https? - Length of animation - Filesize of ZIP - Filesize of extracted files - Number of files in zip - size meta tag - clicktag Do you think we miss any in your opinion? I don't want to promote my business too much, but really, have a look at Adpiler Creating professional preview pages in a minute.
  5. Thanks @joe_midi for mentioning us. It's correct, Adpiler is the platform to preview banner ads to your client. And we do much more, like previews on real websites, managing all feedback from your clients, and storing client's approval. I hope this is the right solution for you as well @litsoy
  6. Every ad network has his own specifications. You probably know maximum file size, number of files, clicktag, external files/libraries, animation length, etc as some important factors. We are at Adpiler working on a validator for your ads, to help you with this struggle. What factor causes you in general the most trouble?
  7. Good point Dipscom We'll keep that in mind for the next infographic, thanks.
  8. When creating banner ads for your client, the question is always: What ad sizes shall we make? Adpiler did a research and analyzed tons of ad impressions, some conclusions: - 300x250 takes about 34% of all ad impressions - 3 ad sizes takes 70%, and if you add 2 more you have a reach of 80% - About 51% of the impressions is on a mobile device. Have a look at this infographic to find all data: https://adpiler.com/infographic-most-popular-ad-sizes-2017/
  9. Hi all, Happy to share with you that Adpiler has officially launched. Easy create banner preview pages and gather feedback from your clients. No email hassle anymore Would be great to see you on the platform.
  10. Thanks. I'm not sure what you exactly mean with 'scrubbing capabilities', but Adpiler will work for all image- and HTML5-banners (using GSAP and not using GSAP).
  11. I'm currently developing that tool. Easy uploading HTML5-banners, and share with your clients. But also: previewing on websites and easy feedback annotation. Please send me a DM to get notified when it's ready, or sign up at www.adpiler.com Plan is to launch within 2 months from now. If you have any feedback: happy to hear!