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  1. HI Shaun, Thank you for your reply and solution.....of course set... I can be thick sometimes. Much appreciated. I am making a lazy load instead of using stock jquery plugins.
  2. Hi all, is there a way to change multiple background Images? I have found GSAP resources to animate background images but not to replace multiple ones. Am guessing it easy but I tried and....failed. The second image seem to always override the first. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, GSAP rocks however, your ScrollTo plugin doesn't seem to work on iPad 2 upto date iOS. NB this means the official GSAP ScrollTo example as presented does not appear to work. Here is the GreenSock codepen that doesn't appear to work Please can you let me know any work arounds ?
  4. Hi, First of all GSAP rocks, loving it. Although, I am a newbie. I have found a code pen which is a great feature however, could someone give a little direction on how to make this touch event and not just mouseover. I have dabbled with .on('touchstart' etc However, dabble is the best term as I could do with some guidance. Thanks In advance.