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  1. Hi i have come across this error as well the only solution i found was creating a illustrator file with the exact same size as my ad/banners creating all the frames and the export them in a jpg file with the measurement being exact the file quality is quite decent i also wanted to use a svg to make the quality unbelivibly good Adwords doesn't support a entity inside the svg code and one extra line of code in the svg i tried removing the code but that just caused more errors more that i started with the only solution was making the whole thing jpg and another thing i picked up on is Adwords doesn't support monotype fonts even if you embed it i used hype3 to create my html5 ads if you want to use it as well just make sure after creating the files go in the index file (html file) and just add the meta tag ad.size <meta name="ad.size" content="width=320,height=100"> (in side the head)and just make the height and width to the size of your banner if you ae copying pasting just re enter the " copy pasting is not supported in most html5 editors to prevent paganism hope this helped was struggling for more than a month regards