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  1. Gotcha. That's essentially what I've decided to do. The problem was that there's a lot of conditional logic when applying an animation to a specific element. It will be sufficient to store the results of the logic (vars, duration, startTime) as an array of objects. Then simply loop through those objects and apply them to the target on the front end. Thanks
  2. I've been using GSAP for a few months now. I'm currently using TweenMax in a project that allows users to set entrance/exit animations for HTML elements. I've written the code that adds each entrance/exit timeline to parent timelines. What I'm wondering, though, is whether there's a way to export all timeline/tween properties to JavaScript Objects or JSON, store the data, and subsequently import the data after reloading the webpage? In theory, this would prevent the need to create each timeline on the fly with each web request. Thanks to anyone who can help me out. I'm currently using TimelineMax together with CSSPlugin.