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  1. Keeping in mind am using the Meteor framework... Currently, when i click on a specific button on my page, it redirects/loads to the intended page being a template. My desire is to use (timeLineLite() ) to animate the intended page (template) by sliding it into the main page. Is this possible to do? If so kindly show me how to. My codepen link where I indicate the issue is: http://codepen.io/SirBT/pen/ORVyBq Thanks in advance
  2. @Jonathan Thanks for the response. I initially tried it on the Application version: Chrome 51.0.2704.81. Operating System: Android 5.0.2: HTC One Build/LRX22G which should be a more stable version but sill not working. What is strange is that it worked perfectly on the previous Chrome version before I upgraded it. I shouldn't have to downgrade do for it to work should I? I also run a desktop version of Chromium Version 48.0.2564.116 Ubuntu 15.10 where it runs perfectly, I dare not upgrade the desktop version for obvious reasons. I have also tested the animation on Mozilla Firefox version 47.0 for Ubuntu Canonical - 1.0 where the animations also works well. Am I the first one you have come a across with this issue? Looking forward to your help...
  3. Please help me! Find following the environment under which my animations refuse to work. I hope this will help! Application Version: Chrome Dev 53.0.2785.21 Operating System: Android 5.0.2: HTC One Build/LRX22G Thank you in advance
  4. @Carl thank you very much for the help... Sorry for being unclear here, the chrome version I am referring to is the android app "Chrome Browser - Google" on my phone. Sorry, the app doesn't seem to have a number to indicate the version. However my animation works perfectly on my chrome desktop Version 48.0.2564.116 Ubuntu 15.10 Anyway my animation only stopped working after the "Chrome Browser - Google" Updated. Am sure if you download and install the latest version of "Chrome Browser - Google" the animation will not work. Do you know what chrome version the animation will work on?
  5. Help! All my animations worked perfectly before I upgraded my chromium browser to the latest version. They however still work just fine in my Firefox browser. Kindly point out what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance
  6. I have a simple animation in my Meteor app based on TimelineLite which works as intended in Firefox, but doesn't work at all in Chromium. Kindly point out what I am going wrong. My HTML code: <template name="testAnimation"> <a href="#"> <div align= "right" class="circleBase1 subMenu1" id="testAnimation2" > </div> </a> </template> My JavaScript Code: Template.testAnimation.events({ "click #testAnimation2": function() { var myMenuAnimation = new TimelineLite(); myMenuAnimation.to($("#testAnimation2"), 0.5, {css:{left:30, bottom:20,}, ease: Power4.easeOut} ); } }); My CSS code: .circleBase1{ position: fixed; background-image:url(../images/searchicon.png); border-radius: 60%; display: inline-block; float: right; right: 30px; bottom: 20px; behavior: url(PIE.htc); /* remove if you don't care about IE8 */ } .subMenu1 { box-shadow: 5px 1px 10px #808080; z-index: 1999; right:30px; bottom: 20px; } Thanks in advance