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  1. Hi Carl! Thanks for your reply! Ok I wasn't clear enough... I´m trying to pass and update a variable to a swf loaded by SWFLoader. For instance update a text field, included in the loaded swf. It works if the swf is loaded in the standard way. This is what I wrote: var Pisadaloader: SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("assets/Pisada_mc.swf", { name: "PisadaMc", alpha: 0, estimatedBytes: 1000, container: pisada_null_mc, width: 720, x: 0, y: 580, autoPlay: true }); addChildAt(Pisadaloader.content, 1); Pisadaloader.load(); Titulo = myXML.VIDEO.@TITULO; SubTitulo = myXML.VIDEO.@SUBTITULO; param1 = myXML.VIDEO.@NUMTXT; param2 = myXML.VIDEO.@NUM; this.Pisadaloader.Titulo_text.text = Titulo; this.Pisadaloader.SubTitulo_text.text = SubTitulo;
  2. Hi Jack! I know it is an old post... But can you help me? Maybe it´s usefull to another mate still doing AS3... It works perfect in my proyect but... What if I wanted to dynamically change param1 and param2, after they are loaded? I have tried but haven't succeed on updating the vars! Cheers! Robert.
  3. Thanks Carl for your feedback! I know I´m a bit out of time... But I have developed a few years ago a kiosk that shows pictures and videos at a scheduled time. It still works, but video transitions were a bit jerky. That was the beginning of a general code refresh. If it is a dead end alley maybe it´s time to switch to another tecnology. But right now I will give Adobe Air a try. Thanks for your kind response! Best regards, Robert.
  4. Hi All! I' m new to this forum and Greensock also! I´m facing the same problem here. The link you are pointing is dead... and the only reference I found about crossfading videos was http://codeknow.com/opensource/videoLoader/ But there are only chunks of code, a nice start tough. I face the same issue, all videos starting at once, no matter they are loaded in xml with property autoplay="false" I´m not sure about loading all videos at once is a good approach anymore. My guess is stick with two, one playing the other buffering and so on. Any suggestions or pieces of code would be great help! Cheers! Roberto.